Hi I'm Kerri, how are you? 

Busy? Tired? Stressed? Chilled as a Cucumber? Relaxed as a Cat? Either way I'm pretty chuffed you've taken the time to come meet me and my work. Thank you.

What does kgo design aim to do? 

My goal is always to bring a smile to you and your audience's face. Fun is serious business, I believe the quickest way to engage someone is by making them smile or creating the opportunity for play.

why DESIGN and illustration?

I've always enjoyed telling stories through illustration and creating hand crafted things, somewhere along the line I realised I liked articulating other people's ideas as much as I did my own which led me to visual communication and design.

Who is this 'Kerri' person?

I'm currently situated in Australia, VIC. I relocated to Melbourne in early January and have been gradually finding my feet since then doing freelance work for a mixture of clients. In my spare time I cook, I polish my illustration skills and attempt to learn Korean.