Weekly Review

Hi again! 

I decided to make these blog posts weekly, hopefully this is the right amount. We shall soon see depending on whether I keep up with these or not.

I've added some more self directed work to my gallery, the final versions of some Christmas cards I created for friends. I really enjoyed making them, I'm able to push out a one shot simple lined drawing quite quickly and then colouring it with water colours is also fairly simple once you get your head around the slightly faster application of it you need in order to avoid too many splotchy water effects. (If that's not what you're going for that is.)

I have also decided to include a small research section underneath each blog-post about a designer or even just a cool design, my knowledge of designers and specific designs is currently sub-par so in some ways this is more for me than for you as I think really getting into a discipline, immersing yourself in it and also finding your own 'path' or 'style' is helped by knowing what is already on the stage that you're stepping onto.

So this week to begin I have chosen:

Name: Herb Lubalin

DOB/DOD: March 17 1918 - May 24 1981

Lived/Worked in: America

So according to this site Lubalin went through Highschool not showing any obvious outward signs of wanting to become a graphic designer let alone a world renowned typographic creator. Post High School he entered the Cooper Union, located in New York which is split into three schools; Art, Science and Engineering and was established in 1859. Wikipedia informs me that up until 2012 it was one of the few Higher Education Institutions that offered full tuition scholarships and is one of the most selective schools in the USA. But anyway back to Lubalin, Lubalin graduated in 1939 and it was a while before he made himself more widely known when he won an award as creative director of Sudler & Hennessy from the New York Art Directors Club. After which he went on to found his own design consultant firm 'Herb Lubalin Inc', as other notable designers joined the firm increased in size with additional subsidiaries such as, Delpire & Cie, Paris, Maxwell Ltd., London, Good Book Inc. and Lubalin, Burns & Co. 

He founded the Typographic Journal U&lc and The International Typographic Foundation.

Notable work of his includes:

Covers, Interior and Logotype Design for Eros Magazine, Fact Magazine and Avante Garde.

Notably Avante Garde led to the creation of the typeface Avante Garde for the magazine's logo which in the context of the original design was highly successful though later the typeface fell into overuse.

Something Different?

When asked about his favourite musician in an interview Lubalin responded that his favourites included Johann Sebastian Bach and the Baroque and Renaissance music periods as a whole which he said he appreciated as much as The Beatles and the Pop and Rock movement.

Sample Works: