Building BBQ Pony


This is me pushing myself out the door, I feel like I'm only half ready, hair brush in hand, shoes still not laced and my bag's contents practically exploding out of it from haphazardly filling it with what I'll need for today.  

If I'd hung around fussing over whether my typographic skills were ready yet, whether my illustrative abilities would make the cut or even just seeking clarification on what exactly my 'personal style' was, I suspect I would have never stepped outside.

So with that ringing endorsement out of the way here is some clarification, this website is a home for my work and I will update it with new and hopefully progressively improving projects and pieces. My thinking being that at some point the quality and style of the work will eventually reach a level where it intersects with someone's idea of cool looking professional design.

So here's to hoping that this marks the beginning of something worth writing home about. 

Until next time,