Design and Dixit

Hello again! :D

It's a new year and every time I think about my impending last year of uni I get butterflies in my stomach. It is my hope that keeping this up will start to sooth some of that. In other news this is late, oh well, next time I shall be on time. Definitely.

Recently I played a board game called Dixit with some friends, I won't go into the details of how the game is played but the important thing to note is the central deck of cards, each card has its own amazing illustration and the cool thing is that the artwork is a critical part of the game play. The artwork on these cards (I was playing Dixit - Journey) - led me to wonder who had created them. There is a really diverse range of imagery but a clear and consistent style (Tim Burton's name got thrown around a lot) that runs through the whole deck. Anyway it struck me that it might be interesting to look into the designer of the art for Dixit this week as an opportunity to look at a contemporary illustrator. So this week I'll be looking at the illustrator Xavier Collette.

In other news I have been working on some invitation ideas while listening to lots of jazz, some are themed around a particular interest while others are just kind of ideas I thought might look cool. I'm hoping to 'draft' nine ideas in total and then work them up to a more finished stage. These are what I created last week.

 So aside from this I've also been asked to work on something for a friend, hopefully I will be able to show the results of that on here eventually. With all of that out of the way, here is Xavier Collette. 

I'll see you all next week!

Name: Xavier Collette

DOB: 1981, Belgium

Situated: Rennes, France

Career/Education History: Currently a freelance artist, Xavier possibly (I am uncertain of the quality of google translate) - began to study for a degree in engineering but a love of drawing resurfaced from childhood and so he enrolled at the 'Saint-Luc Ecole Superieure Des Arts' in Liege where a few years later he gained a degree in Graphic Design. After this Collette worked in various fields of graphic design including making book coovers, game illustrations and then as a character designer for the company 10Tacle video games. Eventually Collette went on to found his own business which led to the creation of his first publication the cihldren's book 'Lord Puma' and then an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. 

Recent Works: Currently Collette is working on a number of projects aimed at young people , a comic strip as well as creating book covers for publishers that include L'Atalante, Pocket, Pocket Youth (Pocket Jeunesse), MiCMaC and for some board game publishers as well including Hazgaard and Libellud (Libellud published Dixit). 

Pictured Above: Card Designs from the Game Dixit Journey published by Asmodee.