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Aaand I'm back!

Hi everybody! 

Here is the final flyer design that Invent The World went with. I love working with them because the colours and subject matter are so fun and it gave me an excuse to go and revisit the world of minecraft. I'm pretty excited about one particular project we've yet to tackle but will happen later this year too, so I guess look forward to hearing about that! :)


In other news K,GO Design has been given new hang-outs on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook. Keep an eye on those pages for more regular updates of the things I'm working on. To make sure I keep updating facebook at least once every three weeks I've set the condition that if I miss out a three week window then the first person to note it on my facebook page gets a doodle of their choice. :) So if you're already on any of those platforms I'd be chuffed if you'd wander over for a look, just click the link below. 

Oh yeah! Amazingly, I am now a fully graduated Visual Communication and Design Student from the University of Newcastle! Licensed to wield a mouse like a katana, slicing design problems in two like so many bamboo sticks, this baby designer has levelled up! I. AM. SO. EXCITED. And also worried. I'm going to miss the beautiful campus and laid back attitude that came with it. Now it's a matter of making sure that I'm still consistently creating things even without the motivating force of university behind me.

I've added to the gallery, go check out more Invent the World work and the resume redesigns I did for myself and a friend. Also I wanted to add some more specifically print orientated work to my portfolio so I put together a hypothetical project called 'life.Craft' combining a love of cute cartoons creatures, paper craft and all things hand-made. 

I've also added a link where you can download my super amazing print portfolio that I worked on late last year. I've never overhauled a piece of design so completely so many times, that baby started out as a double sided A4 poster that folded down into a little flyer about 1/6 the size, then it expanded into a double sided A2 poster and finally after realising the limitations of my resources into the neat little A4 saddle-stitched booklet it is today. From the beginning I wanted it to be small, portable, inexpensive to print but not 'cheap looking' and most of all I wanted it to boldly and joyously introduce the audience to my personality. But don't let me rabbit on about it, click Snippet to check out for yourself! :)

Lastly I'll just say that I'm currently working on another brand identity. It's one of my favourite things to be tasked with but probably the most onerous because of how carefully it needs to balance between being something the client thinks is cool and relevant to them while still conveying the intended message to their target audience. Sometimes it can be difficult to tease out a specific direction to head in from the client so I've been working on simple pdf form questionnaires that look at the obvious stuff like target audience, goals for the brand, 'feel' or 'vibe' as well as things like asking them to talk about an ideal day in their business, what their brand's pace is, what music genre would most fit their business and a bunch more. I'm hoping that in future this will really help me to create logo-marks and identities that resonate with clients and that more clearly communicate the businesses's intended identity.

This blog's designer:

I'm looking at the commercial illustrators and exhibiting artistic duo 'We Buy Your Kids', comprised of  Biddy Maroney and Sonny Day. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that these two are actually located in Newtown, Sydney Australia. I think living in Australia you become used to things being typically at least a thousand kilometres away from you so when they're not you think:

"Wow, that's only 150km away from me. That's practically next door." 

I came across We Buy Your Kids (WBYK) via an amazing magazine cover for HOORAY! magazine which celebrates...well celebrations, specifically celebrations with really strong and well executed decorating visions. The cover is this screen printed riot of bright fruity colours that made the little girl inside of me gasp in happy joy.

When I decided to check out their other work on their website I was initially bummed that my eyes wouldn't get to gorge themselves on more of the visual equivalent of a bag of skittles (Though that particular work does have a whole bunch more associated images that were created for HOORAY! so click the image to check them out and drool over their fantabulousness.) but once I got over that I was still amazed by their other work. There's something about them that reminded me of those posters from the Bauhaus school, art deco or the modernists? I'm not being very precise and maybe it's just the screen printed nature of their work that brings that to mind but either way their it is rich and crisp and delicious to behold.
To learn more about the work of Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney  head over to their website: 
Also they have a shop where you can purchase their awesome amazing prints here.

Alright, and that covers it for today. I hope to update this again soon with the new things that I am doing.
I think that would be good, yes. :)

See you!