Speak and Run


Just a quick update with hopefully a more detailed one to come.

I've been keeping pretty busy with a couple of jobs, one relates to health and pregnancy and the other to family separation consultancy. They're both pretty serious business in their own way but I've still been able to work some illustration and hand drawn elements into both jobs which is always nice to work on in between battling orphans, widows and hyphens. (It always sounds so sinister when I find myself cursing orphans out loud.)

Here are some samples of some sweet vegetable decorations I've been working on:


Lastly I've been fortunate enough to be allowed onto the premises of a local Newcastle creative agency, I'm coming up to my last work experience day with them currently.
I'll be sad not to have an excuse to get out of my 'shoebox' and work next to other people (even if it is just hypothetical work). I'll post more on that next time plus hopefully the stuff I made with them. So far the main things I've learnt are:

1. I need to get faster

2. I already have the capacity to increase my speed but the massive number of distractions available to me at home is really killing that. I need to address this.

3. I need to stop avoiding typography and work through the teething stage of getting familiar with it just like I did with my drawing. It's going to take time but It's going to make me feel a lot more well rounded and engaged as a designer.

4. I need to work on my confidence, just because I'm a small fish doesn't mean I'm a bad fish. 

Alright, well I have yet another project to noodle through so I'm gonna finish up here.

Kerri out!