Spring and Thaw

Hi, I've been pretty quiet lately. No updates to either of the galleries. That changed today when I finally updated the self directed works gallery. In it are the big and small artworks I pushed myself to make over numerous hours or in some cases doodled over the course of a brief hour or two. Click the image below to see what I've added, otherwise I also upload a lot of this stuff to facebook.

Due to personal reasons I've been quite quiet in terms of paid work since returning from Korea last year. Mostly I'm taking things slowly, continuing to try to build my confidence. A few months ago I participated in my first exhibition, it was with the Octopus Ink guys and the three pieces I submitted are the three circus themed pieces over in my self directed work gallery. I really enjoyed working on this and hopefully I will get to do so again in the future. I've also been engaging with a lot more social networking events and attended the local MakeitMadeit conference run by Brett Piva. I think I will take a closer look at that conference on here in a future update as it's a cool new event being grown in Newcastle that easily competes with Semi Permanent on multiple fronts. Generally I've been trying to engage with my design community a lot better and get over my personal hang ups about my own worthiness. It's a process but I'm making headway.

For now I will say that I am looking forward to Spring and the thaw that will come with it. I hope next update I have a lot more to show.