The following pricing is accurate as of November 2018 and is intended to act as an approximate indication only. Prices should not be taken as a guarantee of job cost as each new job is reviewed and an individualised quotation provided to allow for differing scope.

This is not an exhaustive list of what I can quote for but is instead a list of the jobs I feel I have gained a reliable sense of their scope. I have included a small glossary at the end to clarify any technical terms, if I’ve missed something please bring it to my attention.

Brand Identity


  • Long Consultation

  • Exploratory Concept Board

  • Rudimentary Logomark Concepts (sketches)

  • Two Logomark options (polished designs)

  • Four hours of revision

  • Deliverables:

    • Visual Identity Package (Includes Logomark files and font files)

    • Brand guideline advising usage and technical Information (Colour values and Fonts)

Brand Refurbish



  • Medium Consultation

  • Recreate your logomark identical to the provided example as a scalable vector

  • Make superficial changes to the logomark design as requested

Business card


  • Short Consultation

  • Layout of business card using provided elements

  • Provide two options for consideration

  • Provide files meeting specifications for chosen printer

  • Package includes up to three personalised named versions on an identical design

  • Additional individualised versions of the card cost $5.00 per additional

A4 Document

$135.00 setup + $5.00 each per page*

  • Short Consultation

  • Layout of document elements and formatting text

  • Typically one option provided

  • Two hours revision time included

DL Envelope Leaflet


  • Short Consultation

  • Layout of document elements and formatting text

  • Two hours revision time included

Mailchimp Email


  • Medium consultation

  • Rough sketch/scaffold showing proposed layout

  • Mock-up with branding and visual elements applied

  • Two hours revision time included

  • Implementation of design in Mail-Chimp

  • Test runs of email for you to review

  • Testing email display in different email platform inboxes e.g. Outlook vs Gmail

  • Delivery of mail-chimp template for you to use in your mail-chimp account

other services

  • Most brochure fold types

  • Large documents 20+ pages

  • Bound Documents

  • Liaising with printer (source quotes and doc prep for print)

  • Website Scaffolding and Design

  • Email Signatures

  • Social media image packages

  • Document templates

*Where existing brand identity elements are provided

Clarification on terms

Brand identity

  • Established colours ideally with the exact cmyk and/or rgb values of those colours to ensure accurate reproduction.

  • Logomark files of a resolution suitable for the chosen medium e.g. screen or print.

  • Any established fonts used in promotional material for your brand.

  • Examples of past promotional material you have used that you like


Discuss your needs and preferences, establish deadlines and the exact scope of the job. Decide on an update schedule and what your preferred communication method is.

Short Consultation

15 minutes phone conversation with emails as well.

Medium Consultation

30 minute phone conversation or in-person meeting, this can also be supplemented with email exchanges clarifying your needs.

Long Consultation 

1 Hour talking on phone or in person as preferred. This can also be substituted with email exchanges clarifying your needs.

Revision Time 

Time spent on the design responding to your feedback and requested changes. Requested revisions must not exceed allotted revision time for that job. In the event they do, I will advise you and we will discuss our options for proceeding further on your job.

Superficial Changes

Changing an illustration of a sitting dog to standing would be a significant change, changing the colour of its fur would be superficial. Ultimately, what is a simple change and what is a significant one will be decided on a case by case basis.

Scalable Vector

Images can be written in different languages. Saving in these different ‘languages’ has pros and cons. One of the major differences is whether it is in a ‘raster’ format or a ‘vector’ format. If it is vector your image can be stretched pretty much infinitely, this is useful for logomarks which may need to be printed onto a huge billboard or tiny business card. By comparison a raster image is not infinitely scalable, for example a raster image that is created at 10cm by 10cm will ‘pixelate’ when you then try to scale that image to 1 metre by 1 metre. For this reason, it is less flexible but if you want to print a photograph which is extremely detailed then raster is still the preferred image type.

Typically, logos are not very detailed and will often need to be applied to a variety of print mediums, so they are almost without exception created in a vector format. Therefore when I am providing clients with a new or renewed logomark the files will include both raster and vector versions to meet usage requirements.