life.Craft Magazine Spread

Life.Craft is a concept I developed for a hypothetical magazine. I wanted to explore cover design and spreads, I took my inspiration from a photograph I shot a few years earlier and it led me down the path of cute origami animals. Life.Craft, a mixture of Craft and Life Raft was envisioned as something of a modern craft magazine that would include DIY projects, community creations focus sections and craft creator features. 

I also envisioned articles looking at modern artists and designers working in the hand-craft space such as old fashioned printing boutiques, paper makers and other traditional artisans as well as societies like medieval clubs that focus on maintaining traditional creative skills.

The guiding principle is that Craft, something often first encountered in preschool and kindergarten is with you for life. It's a beautiful way to express care in that it is a very tangible result of the time you spent on something. :)