I styled the book's colours around Kylie's current brand identity and tried to give it a gentle but down to earth tone that supported the honest and personal content of the Ebook. I enjoyed the opportunity to bring elements of illustration into the content both as a way to break up the stories and also as a way to personalise the beginning of each account.

If you're interested in reading further the Ebook can be downloaded here.

Naturally Fertile Ebook

In early 2015 I had the pleasure of working on this book with Kylie Armstrong of Naturally Fertile and Christina Gerakiteys of Ideation at Work.

This was a first time for me working on a digital booklet, I was given the brief that it would be available online as a freely downloadable resource. it would tell the stories of eight women who had worked with Kylie to improve their overall health and in particular to improve their chances of conception.