Exhibition Brand Concept

This project was the product of a collaboration between myself and two other designers, the concept of a circle making up the core brand image of our 2014 Design graduation was decided upon. The colours reference a game that is currently in development called 'Firewatch' by Campo Santo 

The idea behind having so many icons was that if this were to be used by our year as their design brand then we would ask them to contribute one or two simple drawings of something that could represent themselves. These would then be converted into vector images to give them a more uniform appearance. This way we had hoped to have a more inclusive brand image that carried something everyone could relate to and it would ensure there was little repetition of images within the circle. 


I’d like to thank Graphic Burger for making available high-res in-situ image mock ups which can easily be modified to show your own design. 
Go tographicburger.comto access them, they are incredible time savers for someone who does not have access to a product shooting table at this point in time. 

The robot, backpack, ghost, band-aid, clover, house, cherries, cake, bee, cat, tortoise, bolt, butterfly, heart, mouse and controller were the icons I made for the mock-up.